Children’s Health

Childhood and Teenage Mental Health

If you are worried about your child’s mental health you are welcome to visit your GP who will be able to advise about support to help both you and your child. There are a range of talking therapies which are highly effective in dealing with many child and teenage problems.  For more information on these therapies please view the NHS Talking Therapy Guide.

Alternatively it is also possible for Parents to self-refer children to the Bromley Community wellbeing service for children and young people. which is the same service that your GP would refer to. This service covers a wide variety of problems including Anxiety & Depression, Bullying, sexual identity, conflict with parents, Panic attacks, eating difficulties, Behavioural problems, Attention Deficit (ADHD), Phobias and social/communication issues as well as many other problem. For a full list please visit their website.

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Health Visitor Contacts

The health visiting team can provide support.  Our Practice is covered by both the Bromley and Sevenoaks health visiting teams and your allocation is dependant upon which council tax area your property is in.  Links to both health visiting teams can be found here:

Bromley health visitors:  

Sevenoaks health visitors: 

Childhood Immunisations

Please see our vaccinations page

Neo-natal Checks

Some newborn babies are released from hospital without a detailed examination. If this is the case, our GPs are happy to perform the relevant checks, either in the surgery, or in the comfort of your own home, depending on which is easier for you.

In most cases, the Practice will contact new mums to arrange for this to happen, on rare occasions where we are unaware of the birth, please feel free to give us a call and arrange an appointment or visit.