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COVID Vaccination clinics

COVID Vaccination programme update

In response to the growing threat of the Omicron variant Bromley vaccination sites are offering extended opening hours and days, and a number of additional clinics. Vaccination sites in Bromley include the Bromley Civic Centre, GP vaccination sites and Community Pharmacies. Every adult (aged 18 and over) is now eligible for a booster jab from three months after their second dose. Residents aged 12 to 17 can receive a second dose 12 weeks after their first dose, or 8 weeks if they are at high-risk from COVID-19.

You can access a vaccination site in Bromley or SE London. Visit the national booking service to book your appointment or GrabAJab to check walk-in options. Please note walk-in centres might experience high demand, so residents may need to queue. Remember to bring warm clothes and continue to follow safety measures (mask, hands, social distancing).

Below an overview of available clinics during the festive season. Please note additional clinics might be added. BOOKING IS ENCOURAGED. WALK-INS AVAILABLE DEPENDING ON CAPACITY. 

You can also pre-book a slot (which is usually more convenient and a shorter wait) by ringing the Bromley GP Alliance (BGPA)  on 0208 175 0438 They provide clinics In Orpington, West Wickham and Mottingham. We are also running some clinics here at the Medical Centre strictly by invitation only.

Bromley Winter leaflet

Bromley health and care staff are urging residents to take good care of themselves this winter and seek medical help early when they need it.   The Bromley winter health leaflet provides some top tips for staying well and where to go when you need help

Keeping Well this Christmas

Developed by Bromley Well Mental Health Team, this free resource is jam packed with ideas, resources and tips for caring for your own and your loved ones mental wellbeing over the festive season. The year of 2021 has been like no other and heading towards the end of the year, Christmas time is likely to be no less challenging than the months that have led up to it. The pack can be downloaded here:

  • 10 Tips on How to Stay Well this Christmas
  • Beat the New Year blues
  • Build resilience for 2022
  • Knowing what to do in a crisis
  • Christmas helplines



Flu Vaccinations for patients aged 50 + Now Available

Flu vaccinations are now available for all patients aged 50 years and over (including those who will be over 50 by 31st March 2022) There are , however, some ongoing supply issues which may cause an interruption to supplies and our ability to provide them to our patients. Some patients under 65 are eligible if they have certain medical conditions such as Diabetes or Asthma.

If you are eligible you will be contacted by the NHS usually by text message.  Covid vaccinations are also offered in this way so it is crucial that you keep us updated with your correct mobile number. Full details of the flu vaccination and who is  eligible can be found here.  Flu Vaccination is strongly recommended during the Covid Pandemic because of the additional risks for patients who could suffer Flu and Covid infection at the same time.

Please telephone for an appointment on 01689 850012 but you will find it easier to get through if you avoid our peak period of 8-9.30am Mon-Fri.

Covid-19 Vaccination programme – Boosters now available

COVID-19 Vaccine: All patients over 18 years can now book a COVID vaccination booster. These can only be given at least 3 months and 1 week after your second dose. If you have missed your second dose please contact the Bromley GP Alliance (BGPA) on the number below.

Please do not ring or contact the Medical Centre about COVID Vaccinations. We cannot help you or book appointments. 

Use the NHS website to book a coronavirus vaccination – NHS ( OR contact the Bromley GP Alliance (BGPA) who are the Community Provider in Bromley at their sites in Orpington. West Wickham or Mottingham. Their number is 0208 175 0438

School children are offered vaccination through their school.

Having a vaccine is the best way to protect you from coronavirus and will save thousands of live

COVID reminders are usually sent by text message to a mobile so please make sure you keep us updated with your mobile number. The easiest way to do this is online at Update your Details | Green Street Green Medical Centre (

For full details of the COVID Booster programme and eligibility please clinic here 




Facemasks must still be worn in the Surgery

The Government has announced that lockdown restrictions are coming to an end and from Monday, 19th July 2021 and the wearing of face masks in public places becomes optional.

 As the surgery is deemed to be a high risk environment, the Doctors and Staff will continue to wear masks when dealing with patients, face to face and we will still expect patients to wear a mask when coming in to the Surgery.

 This is line with NHS policy and is for the protection of both vulnerable patients and staff.

To see the statement from the NHS please click this link  NHS Statement on wearing facemasks after 19.07.21


Community Phlebotomy – Book online

The community phlebotomy walk-in is changing

As part of ongoing work to restart services safely, the walk-in phlebotomy (blood taking) service that is run by King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at Beckenham Beacon and Orpington Hospital will move to a booked appointments service. From 10 August 2020, the service will no longer accept walk-ins for GP referred blood taking. Instead you will need to call 020 3930 0245 (9am -5pm Monday to Friday) to book an appointmentAlternatively you can book easily online at 

The new appointments system will be run by the Bromley GP Alliance (BGPA).

These changes will limit the number of people visiting clinic areas at any given time. This will protect patients and staff by helping to maintain social distancing measures, which are an important part of reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Remember you can also book appointments at several local GP Surgeries which may be more convenient for you and avoid the need to visit hospital. Full details are on the form that your GP will give you when blood tests are required.

Covid-19 update: Please DO NOT VISIT the Medical Centre unless you have an appointment

For full latest details of how the Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting our services please visit our Covid-19 support page

As all Patients will be aware the cases of Covid-19 are rising again. Can we please make it clear that you should NOT visit the Medical Centre in person unless you have an appointment with a Doctor or Nurse or are collecting  a blood form or other document.

We cannot deal with routine queries at the Reception Desk as these can only be done by phone. This is to protect you and our staff.

If you need an appointment please ring in the morning or use our online system.

We would continue to remind you:

  • If you do visit please ensure you wear a face mask.
  • Please use our online services and eConsult where possible. Full details of what you can do with these services can be found here and how you can consult with a Doctor online using eConsult here. 
  • From October 28th you can now book a limited number of  GP Telephone appointments online.  Please note that they are all Telephone consultations and you should not attend the Medical Centre.